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Mazza Recycling has acquired Liberty Waste and Recycling, offering the same great services and more. Check our new and improved website below.

Our Products

We promote recycling as opposed to creating virgin stone and landscaping products. By finding responsible and sustainable solutions, we are able to produce the highest quality products for use in construction and landscaping, using the recycled materials from our class B divisions.

What We Accept

Our top-quality, affordable soil products allow your lawn and garden to flourish naturally. Screened top soil is also available for building, excavation, and landscape projects. Made with premium local and natural ingredients, our landscaping products are all responsibly crafted to make your plants thrive. Our lightweight bags are ready to use, comprised of aged forest ingredients and healthy nutrients, making the contents in each and every bag healthy for our Earth’s existing native soil.

Our Soil Bags

Premium Top Soil

All-Purpose Garden Soil

Multi-Purpose Compost

Mushroom Compost

Potting Mix

Our Mulch Bags

Black Velvet

Natural Hardwood

Bright Red

Cherry Brown