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Mazza Recycling has acquired Liberty Waste and Recycling, offering the same great services and more. Check our new and improved website below.

Single Stream Recycling

Mazza Recycling is committed to recycling debris to its maximum potential, leaving less waste to landfill.

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What is Single Stream Recycling?

Single stream recycling, where all recyclables are mixed together in one collection bin, is one method of making recycling easier for our customers.

Single stream recyclables include:

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cereal and snack boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Office paper, newspaper, magazines
  • Tin, aluminum, and steel cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Rigid plastics

Sixty-six percent of people said they would not recycle at all if it wasn’t easy to do
— Harris Poll Study, 2018

How Does Single Stream Recycling Work?

Single Stream Recycling Sorting Process

1. Recycling bins are collected at the curb by a local authority or contractor, and transported to a special processing plant called a material recovery facility.

2. Materials are unloaded from trucks and placed onto conveyor belts.

3. The recyclable items are then sorted both manually by employees and mechanically. All recyclables pass through a series of presorting, screening, and quality control.

4. Recyclable items are sorted by commodity type and baled by commodity. The bales are then shipped to recycling plants at home or abroad.

5. Manufacturers buy the bales in order to turn the commodity into brand new products.

What Can I Throw in my Curbside, Single Stream Recycling Bin?

Plastic & Glass Containers

  • Labelled number 1 PET containers
    • Leave caps on
  • Labelled number 2 HDPE containers & tubes
    • Including toothpaste tubes (as empty as possible)
  • Labelled number 5 PP containers such as:
    • Margarine tubs
    • Baby wipe containers
    • Yogurt cups

Metal Cans

  • Aluminum cans, tin cans, bi-metal cans
  • Nonhazardous aerosol cans
  • Clean aluminum foil

Paper & Cardboard

  • Cardboard shipping boxes
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Mixed paper including:
    • Brown paper bags
    • Chipboard (cereal boxes)
    • White and colored paper
    • Junk mail
    • Magazines
    • Soft-cover books
    • Newspaper (including inserts)

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Mazza Recycling believes that it is their ethical and corporate responsibility as a recycling facility to educate local communities on how to recycle, and spread their knowledge to local municipalities. For business and media inquiries, please schedule a tour with one of our trained Recycling Tour Facilitators by filling out the below information. If you are interested in booking a trip for your community group, nonprofit organization, or school, then please fill out the form on our Greener Tomorrow page.

    Single Stream Recycling Facility

    Mazza Recycling Invests in Single Stream Recycling Facility

    As Mazza’s pledge to invest 15 million dollars into single stream recycling, this facility serves as their commitment to recover more recyclable material in Monmouth and Atlantic County, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art system is the first system with complete positive sorting on the east coast.

    In an effort to eliminate waste and decrease the need for eradicating Earth’s natural resources, Mazza has invested in a sorting facility that uses sizing and optical technology to recycle more materials from the stream, and produce quality products that will have consistent movement in an increasingly restrictive global market. By increasing the rate of recycling paper and cardboard, this plant reduces the need to harvest trees. This system also reduces the need to use up our planet’s remaining natural oil that is used to manufacture new plastic products. By investing in this design, Mazza seeks to not only preserve natural resources, but also to extend the life-cycle of plastics, paper, cardboard, and metal containers in a world undergoing an environmental crisis. In addition to promoting sustainability and creating a circular economy, this capital investment will create jobs in our local community inside of this 70,000 square foot Material Recovery Facility.

    YouTube video

    This technology allows us to:

    • Accommodate all of the residential, single stream recycling needs of Monmouth and Atlantic County
    • Recover more recyclable material from the stream
    • Reduce Municipal recycling costs

    Award Winning Facility:

    NJDEP Recycling Award (
    NWRA Announces 2021 Recycling Awards (Waste Today)
    2021 New Good Neighbor Award (NJBIA)