Mazza Recycling’s 55 acre recycling facility, along with our environmental expertise, give contractors, builders and their customers the tools they need to earn points towards LEED certification.  

Mazza Recycling’s transfer station and material recovery facility are powered by roof mounted solar panels. Mazza Recycling can aid contractors, builders, and their customers with the following activities:

  • Building Occupation

  • Construction, Remodeling & Renovation

  • Land Clearing and Demolition

    • Mazza Recycling, through its sister company Mazza Mulch, Inc.  provides exceptional land clearing services to customers.  All material that is removed from the site is brought to Mazza Recycling’s NJDEP approved Class B facility were the material is processed into mulch and reused in the economic mainstream.  

    • Mazza Recycling, through its partners, can coordinate the demolition of structures.  Mazza Recycling can handle all the waste stream management, insuring that the debris is recycled to its maximum potential.