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Mazza Recycling has acquired Liberty Waste and Recycling, offering the same great services and more. Check our new and improved website below.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. At Mazza Recycling, we believe that our children and the generations to come deserve to live in a healthy world. Today, and every day, we try to do our part to contribute to the global effort and make the world more sustainable for us all.

Part of that effort includes educating our community on the proper ways to recycle and how recycling works. That’s why, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we created some online resources to help you and your children learn about recycling.

Recycling Activities at Home

This year, Earth Day is being celebrated a little differently than most years. Don’t let your children being home from school stop you from playing unique games that educate your little one on the importance of recycling. Click here to see the list of recycling games we put together for all different age groups to learn about recycling.

Our Mazza Recycling Coloring Book

Our coloring book was designed with your child in mind, and what better time to color than when you are stuck inside for the month! This free download is produced and provided by Mazza Recycling. It is the perfect addition to Earth Day classroom lesson plans, and great for everyday use. Click here to download our coloring book!

Earth Day Recycling Facts Social Media Toolkit

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we shared 50 facts about recycling on our Instagram page. Missed them? No worries, we’ll be posting a lot more! We also would like to share a few of those graphics with you. Click here to download the graphics and share them on your social media pages!

A Guided Video Tour of our Facility

Watch this video, as Mazza’s tour guide takes you and your young child through our recycling center. We’ll travel through concrete recycling, recycling wood to create mulch, visit our transfer station, and learn about how metal is recycled! Click here to take the tour and learn all about these recycling processes.

Test your Knowledge with a Recycling Quiz

Now that you’re stuck at home for Earth Day, it’s a great opportunity to teach yourself and your young ones about the importance of recycling. Let’s put your knowledge to the test with a quick quiz on Mazza’s recycling processes. (Make sure you watch our recycling tour video for some hints!) Click here to take the quiz.