Mazza Recycling boasts a 47,000 square-foot transfer station/material recovery facility that can handle up to 1,100 tons of debris per day. Fully approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, our facility is permitted to accept the following materials:

Bulky waste

  • This category includes large items including appliances, furniture, and tires.

Construction and Demolition Waste

  • Waste and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, demolition or other alteration of buildings and structures can be treated through our facility.

  • Such waste includes concrete, asphalt, bricks, masonry materials, plaster and wallboard, roofing materials, corrugated cardboard, paper, ferrous and nonferrous metal, non-asbestos building insulation, plastic scrap, dirt, carpets and padding, glass (window and door), and treated and untreated wood scrap, tree parts, tree stumps and brush.

In 2013, Mazza Recycling accepted 200,000 tons of bulky waste and C&D debris.  This debris was sorted at the facility and recyclables such as wood, concrete, and scrap metal were extracted so that they could be recycled.  Mazza Recycling manufactures the remainder of the debris into “beneficial use biofuel” which is shipped to manufacturing plants for use as fuel.  This biofuel is used at the manufacturing plants to replace the burning of natural resources such as natural gas and coal and protects the environment from the harmful emissions of burning those natural resources.

Solid Waste Origin and Disposal (O&D) Form